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PuNk SeRvIcE
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Individual Biographies
Name: Wade S. Preston esq.
Date of birth: 5/5/1984
Hometown: St. Catharines, ON
Position: Guitar, Vocals
Equipment: Guitars - cherry sun burst gibson les paul classic, black les Paul studio, red wine les Paul studio, natural burst gibson sg standard.
Head - Marshall jcm 2000 triple super lead 100, 800 cabinet
Pedals - Line 6 delay mogelator, Boss dd3 digital delay, Ibanez tube screamer, Boss chromatic tuner, 12-52 strings
Fav Bands: the misfits, the ghastly ones, turbo negro, bouncing souls
Fav Movies: Harry potter, Blood dinner, Aliens, Dirty work
Fav Book: We got the neutron bomb
Fav Food: French onignon soup
Hobbies: Skateboarding, drinking crown floats
   Name: George Theodore Logan esq.
Date of birth: 10/2/82
Hometown: Grimsby, ON
Position: Lead vocals
Equipment: Larynx
Fav Bands: radio berlin, elvis costello, dead kennedys, screeching weasel,
Fav Movies: Twin Peaks-fire walk with me, happiness
Fav Books: Pornographers poem, House of leaves
Fav Food: Pizza
Hobbies: Sitting in my underwear listening to souxie and the banshee's eating kraft diner, dj'ing, renting video tapes.
Name: Jesse Ivars Rumney Ingelevics
Date of birth:
Hometown: St. Catharines, ON
Position: Drummer
Equipment: Premier artist custom birch drumset:
22x18 bassdrum
16x16 floortom
13x9 tomtom
14x5.5 dented brass snare drum
Sabian 14" AA rock highhats
21" zildjin sweet ride (crash)
21" sabian calhoun signature ride
Iron cobra single bass pedal
Fav Bands: Micheal Jackson, Led Zepplin, Buddy Rich, Rush, Yes, Frank Zappa,
Fav Movie: Home alone, Angels in the outfield
Fav Book: Harry Potter
Fav Food: Cinnamon toast crunch cereal
Hobbies: Writing rhymes with steelio onyx, bong tokes.
  Name: Dallas M.J.A. Green
Date of birth: 9/29/80
Hometown: St. Catharines, ON
Position: Guitar and Vocals
Equipment: Fender Telecaster, Gibson e 35 1965, Gibson SG, Marshall 30th anniversary head, Mesa 4x12, Boss bass chorus, Boss digital delay reverb pedal, Digitech digi delay, Boss chromatic tuner, 12-52 gauge strings
Fav Bands: Sunny Day Real Estate, Jeff Buckley, Skid Row
Fav Movies: Casino, Christmas vacation
Fav Book: Breakfast of champions
Fav Foods: Doritos and root beer
Hobbies: Skateboarding, basketball, crooning
Name:Chris Steele
Date of birth: 7/14/84
Hometown: St. Catharines, ON
Position: Bass
Equipment: fender jazz bass
Peavy fire bass 700 head
Ampeg 8x10 fridge cab
Fav Bands: Green day, logh, don caballero, tears for fears, styles of beyond, this day forward.
Fav Movies: Wedding singer, a dog day afternoon, a bronx tale,momento, school of rock, rosemarys baby.
Fav Books: Camp nowhere, why am I afraid of bees
Fav Foods: Quesidias,fruity smooties,bruscetta bread and oriental chicken salad, watermelon
Hobbies: Skateboarding, watercolor painting, shooting night hoops, drinking long island ice teas, cruising at dusk.