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PuNk SeRvIcE
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Closet Monster

organization: london spicoluk
plays bass and strategizes the battles to come.
action: adam underground
plays guitar and destroys & creates.
compassion: aaron verdonk
the fresh fury and bloody drum skins
spirit: jesse
manipulates his strings and attacks at will.
“closet monster was formed in the summer of 1997 and toured and played hard from the very beginning. our lonely and sometimes seemingly futile d.i.y. fashion lasted up until 2001 when we were one of the three founding bands of the toronto collective music force Underground Operations. as well as hooking up that year to release with Join The Team Player Records in munich germany, in 2003 we were asked to work with the Union Label Group. some have come and gone and come again, but the idea and the spirit has always been a constant: from the heart. we share collectively a focus and drive that will always continue to push us further than we can dream. and our ethic: to do what we want with our own lives and follow the dictates of our own perceptions and agenda… that is what punk rock means to us. this is the story of closet monster in brief- one more band one more dream.” … c.m.