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The Distillers

Distillers Band page.


The Distillers are purely, a punk band. It’s that simple. The new album Coral Fang is the culmination of the perfect chemistry between four top notch musicians who hate each other.

The band was founded by Brody Dalle, an Australian native who washed up on an L.A. beach at 17. She soon turned her culture shock and angst into music that screamed the truth. The Distillers’ first record, simply titled The Distillers, is a hardcore portrayal of all-girl gang fight. It gives a shout-out to many of the band’s early influences. Their sound developed further with their next album Sing Sing Death House, as did their line up. Drummer Andy Granelli, former semi-professional wrestler and drummer for The Nerve Agents was asked to beat the skins, and bass player Ryan Sinn, (who hates ice cream and pussy rock, but really digs pumpkins and Johnny Cash) joined the band. Now the stage was set.

The Distillers worked the road hard, touring as a power three piece for a solid year before the final piece of the puzzle fell into place. The band asked lackey Tony “Bichon” Bradley to play guitar and lip sync for the now complete line up of The Distillers. It is time to hit the ground running and let the world know who The Distillers are and their plans for taking over the world.

The new Distillers album Coral Fang is the first part of their master plan. “Our music has matured on this album… though we haven’t, we’re still a punk band, we still play punk music, and we still hate you,” says Brody. Introduced on this summers’ Lollapalooza tour as hailing from “the city of assholes,” they road tested the new material on the kids, and the little fuckers loved it. “I fucking loved it,” said more than one of those little fuckers after the Lolla shows – “I can’t wait for the new record.”

So rush out and get your copy of Coral Fang - and don’t steal it off the internet you little assholes.